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Dreamz is an organisation committed to people development as individuals and as communities. We work towards leading people to Know their Dream and Live their dream. We reach out to people through:

Community Development | Health & Awareness | Skill Development | Child & Women Development

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UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Dreamz aims to achieve a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or sustainable development objectives. Click here for more information about the SDGs, and here for more information about what the ARCC does with it.


“Your company want to be Socially Responsible to the cause of the people / Society”

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Anaikatty Rural Community College (ARCC)

ANAIKATTY RURAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE (ARCC) IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPACTING THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC STANDARD OF THE RURAL AND TRIBAL PEOPLE OF ANAIKATTY. STARTED IN 2012 IN A SIMPLE WAY, TODAY ARCC HOSTS 9 COURSES AND HAS IMPACTED MORE THAN 500 PEOPLE IN THE REGION. It is affiliated with BSS Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS), a national development agency, established in 1952 by planning commission by Government of India. Students get the ARCC Certificate and those who opt to be BSS certified take the certification.

Community GWS

Community GWS (Group Work Station) is an income generation project which is being presented to 10 tribal villages in the area of Anaikatty. With the 10 year milestone coming up in March next year, since we have broken fresh ground in Anaikatty, we have ventured into a bigger circle of influence impacting the community. ARCC has brought skill education to the dropouts young boys and the young ladies who were too soon married and now housewives, and thus skill trained 700 young people now in about 8 courses in the past 10 years.


UPSCALE ( Upliftment of sustainable Communities of Anaikatty leveraging Economies) is a social exterprise aimed at making the Communities of anaikatty Sustainable period of 3 years, thereby Supporting the ARCC (skill Development) and other activities of the trust. About 100 to 120 people from villages are part of his journey so far in villages of ananaikatty. We have trained them in a skill and given them job work and continue to take orders to sustain the working.

Success Stories

Success stories


At least 20 students have found jobs in companies during the year 2018. many have started earning from their homes and by setting up small shops as small businesses.

Mahalakshmi's Catering Store

Mahalakshmi, a catering student from arcc is now the owner of the Boomi hotel in anaikatty. We had the privilege of eating in the hotel. she co-owns this with her father. she is very happy for this career.

Nadia and her tailoring shop

NADIA is from the village of mattathukadu in the kerala side of anaikatty. she joined the tailoring course and later also the beautician course. We visited her house and she showed us at least 10 orders of blouses she has received for stitching.

Prakash, doing Electrical Internship
Prakash is 18 years old and has done schooling till 8th grade. his father is a farmer and his mother is a homemaker. he has 2 siblings and is from an economically poor family. he was working as a jeep driver. The arcc team went to his village Thekkalur and gave awareness on the house wiring course and its benefits.

Future Vision

The future vision is to do a self-sustenance project for ARCC whereby it can be self supportive through organic farming and agri based exports. ARCC will continue to impact the tribal and rural folk of Anaikatty as a skill development Center. Agri-based, natural farming courses will be given importance.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.